Senior Portraits

Senior Portrait Sessions

The Traditional: $60.00
The Traditional Session is for the senior only expecting the basic head and shoulders pose with emphasis on the yearbook requirements. You can expect a one-hour session and 8 to 10 previews.

The Deluxe: $85.00
The Deluxe Session is for the senior wanting an affordable opportunity with a little more verity in previews; head & shoulder as well as full length. You will have an opportunity to change outfits and we will visit any outdoor location of your choice within ten miles of R Studios. You can expect a two to three hour session and 15 to 20 previews.

The Ultimate $110.00
The Ultimate Session is for the senior wanting a larger portfolio of previews. This session will be very flexible and include unlimited outfit changes and outdoor locations within ten miles of R Studios. You can expect a three to four hour session and 25 to 35 previews.

The Two Seasons: $160.00
The Two Seasons Session will give the senior a summer as well as a fall session for the ultimate verity of preview choices. The same flexibility will apply as in the deluxe. You can expect three to four hours and 25 to 35 previews from each season’s session. Ask about the Four Season session

Portrait Print Prices
16x20 1st Print $89.95 - Additional $69.95
11x14 1st Print $54.95 - Additional $39.95
8x10 1st Print $29.95 - Additional $22.95
5x7 1st Print $19.95 - Additional $13.95
4x5 or 4x6 1st Print $14.95 - Additional $9.95

Portrait Wallet Prices
8 wallets in each set
1 to 2 sets $13.95 each
3 or more sets $9.95 each
Lettering is available on wallets. Add $10.00 for the first 48 wallets and $3.00 for each additional 24 wallets.

How early should I arrive for my appointment?
Plan to arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment to get organized. Please contact us 24 hours in advance if you cannot make your appointment.

How do I arrange for my yearbook photo?
If you make your appointment in time to meet your school’s deadline, we’ll be sure to deliver your yearbook photo directly to your school. Please note, public schools are required by law to accept our photos, but private schools are not.

When will I receive my order?
Your previews will be ready in 10-14 days after your portrait session. You will have a secured account on R Studios web site for viewing your previews. Previews books are available at an additional charge. Once you make your selection, your order will be completed in 6-8 weeks, barring any unforeseen details.

Can I order again later?
Your images are kept on file for future orders. Prices are subject to change without notice.

*Video Stories are available of the graduate with photos and music. These are great for the graduation party and a lifelong keepsake.
*Portrait Sessions are available for purchase on disk.
*A 50% Deposit is due when you place your order. The balance is due on delivery.

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