About Me

Photography has been an interest of mine from a very young age. I received my first camera as a gift at the age of twelve (yes, it was a Kodak and yes, I still have it).

I loved taking pictures of just about everything and everybody in my neighborhood. I mowed lawns to finance my ever-growing fascination. Soon after, my sister's husband poured fuel on the fire by converting my mother’s bathroom into a darkroom, helping me develop my first black and white roll of film and making my first print.

My life was changed forever.

As I entered my freshman year of high school my parents helped me purchase my first 35mm single lens reflex camera. I used that Mamiya/Sekor 2000 DTL as a yearbook and newspaper photographer for the next four years.

Immediately after high school I began a degree in photography. While married and starting a family, I worked a midnight shift so I could pursue my photo career during the day.

Over the next few decades my photography took me many interesting places. I was a wedding and portrait photographer. I worked in the auto industry and gained 16mm film and video experience while in safety restraint research (crash test dummy stuff). I then opened a portrait studio and also began providing event videography and media transferring to my services.

So here I am more than 45 years later, still at it and still loving it. My years of experience have given me the expertise to provide a wide variety of photographic services, from legal documentation, commercial and industrial, to great senior and family portraits.

Please take a minute to browse my galleries and contact me with any questions and feedback. I welcome your comments.

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